SPOK Punkt (2022) 

SPOK Punkt is a concept within the production platform SPOK, a meeting place aiming to bring local manufacturers and designers together. On display in the exhibition are examples of the material knowledge that is linked to SPOK. Our four furniture groups are developed by SPOK, designed by Pia Högman, Andreas Kojcevski Hansson, through a close collaboration with manufacturers from the first regional hubs to join SPOK. Västra Götaland, Halland, Blekinge and Skåne are represented through furniture in different materials and techniques produced by manufacturers listed at SPOK's digital platform.

The furniture groups are produced by SPOK based on the SPOK methodology (the reverse method) where design follows manufacturing and are produced locally by manufacturers within the SPOK hubs. Together, they represent SPOK's presence in the country and highlight the manufacturing opportunities that exist in the various counties.

SPOK Punkt was first shown at Lokstallarna during Southern Sweden Design Days 2022. During the summer of 2022 the furniture moved in at Form/Design Center. 


SPOK is a production platform that aims to gather and spread knowledge about local manufacturing possibilities ranging from handicrafts to industries. SPOK aims to promote the development of local production in Sweden and in the long term also more-local consumption. In 2020, SPOK was launched nationally and the following year the first four hubs joined, Halland, Blekinge, Skåne and Västra Götaland.

SPOK has its starting point from Form/Design Center which is the principal for the project with Anna Gudmundsdottir as project manager. SPOK is founded and developed by Jenny Nordberg, who is also its creative leader. SPOK has been implemented with the support of Region Skåne, Malmö Stad, Länsstyrelsen Skåne, Kulturrådet and Tillväxtverket


Pia Högman is a designer with a great interest in exploring and developing traditional materials and techniques. Applying old working methods within a modern context to conserve, modernize and learn from a historical way of creating.

Her work is often hands on and with a close relationship to the raw material within the design process, experimenting and researching new ways of using traditional techniques with sustainable, local or in other ways interesting resources.

Högman graduated from the masters program in furniture design at The Royal Danish Academy  in June 2018.

Based in Malmö, Sweden


AHEC + Copenhagen Design Agency
Design consultancy 

Form Design Center
Part time employee
2021 - ongoing

SPOK Punkt - Form Design Center
Project management and design concultancy
2021.10.01 - 2022.06.30

Nomadisk Paviljong
Founder and designer
2020 - 2022

Southern Sweden Designers - Form Design Center
Design consultancy
2021.05.27 – 2021.05.30

Southern Sweden Design Days - Form Design Center
2021.03 - 2021.06

Falnande Språk - Ur Finnskogen, Nomadisk Residency
Artist in residence
Gävleborg och Dalarna, Sverige
2020.09 - 2020.12

Form Design Center + Business Sweden
Going Pro

Ma-tt-er - Material Designers Workshop
London (GB)

Sustainable Business Hub, Sysav, VA SYD -
UpCycle Challange - Trash to Treasure

SPOK - Form Design Center
Project assistant

Wang Söderström
Art assistant

Anton Alvarez - The Thread Wrapping Machine
Art assistant

Furniture design (MA)
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
2016 - 2018

Furniture and Spatial design (BA)
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
2011 - 2015

Man and Public Space (Exchange program)
Design Academy Eindhoven
2013.09.04 - 2014.02.09

Fördjupade designstudier (Summer course)
HDK, University of Gothenburg

Interior and spatial design
Hällefors Folkhögskola

Näver det beresta materialet
Group show
Slöjd & form Center, Luleå
2023.03.22 - 2023.09.15

Näver det beresta materialet
Group show
Sörmlands museum, Nyköping
2023.10.07 - 2023.01.21

Näver det beresta materialet
Group show
Västernorrlands museum, Härnösand
2023.06.10 - 2023.09.10

Falnande Språk - ur Finnskogen
Värmlands Museum
Group show
Torsbyfinnskogscentrum, Lekvattnet
2023.05.01 - 2023.08.26

Three at 3 days of design
Group show
Copenhagen Design Agency, Köpenhamn
2023.06.06 - 2023.06.11

Group show
Southern Sweden Design Days, Malmö
2023.05.24 - 2023.09.30

VERK på Möbelmässan
Group show
Stockholm furniture fair, Älvsjö

Döden döden döden
Group show
Breadfield, Malmö

SPOK Punkt
Designer and curator
Form/Design Center, Malmö
2022.06.04 - 2022.08.28

Näver det beresta materialet
Group show
Nääs - Slöjd och byggnadsvård, Nääs
2022.06.04 - 2022.03.09

SPOK Punkt
Designer and curator
Lokstallarna - Southern Sweden Design Days, Malmö
2022.05.19 - 2022.05.22

Falnande Språk - ur Finnskogen
Group show
Konsthallen Meken, Smedjebacken
2022.06.18 – 2022.08.28

Falnande Språk - ur Finnskogen
Group show
Länsmuseet Gävleborg, Gävle
2022.02.26 – 2022.05.08

Last Minute / Malmö Upcycling Service
Group show
Svenska Ambassaden, Köpenhamn (DK)
2021.09.16 – 2021.09.18

Skogstorg / Skogen Mellan Oss
Group show
Wij Valsverk - Wij Trädgårdar, Ockelbo
2021.09.03 - 2021.09.04

Souvenirer från ett kalhygge
Solo show
Stoft Studio - Nobelvägen 90, Malmö
2021.05.27 – 2021.05.30

Southern Sweden Designers, Going-Pro
Group show
Form/Design Center, Malmö
2021.05.27 – 2021.05.30

Alla tiders näver
Group show
Stenegård, Järvsö

Løsninger - Afgangsudstilling
Group show
KADK, Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé
Köpenhamn, Denmark
2018.06.30 - 2018.08.19

Collapsible Chair
Group show
Kyoto Institute of Technology
Kyoto, Japan

Solo Exhibition
Kulturkiosken IDKA
Gävle, Sweden
2015.03.27 - 2015.04.24

In search of Istanbul
Group Exhibition
Nachtegaallaan 15
Eindhoven, Netherlands
2014.02.06 - 2014.02.09

Solo Exhibition
Greenhouse - Stockholm Furniture Fair
Stockholm, Sweden
2013.02.02 - 2013.02.09


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